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Hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls. Apart from all well furnished rooms with attached toilet and other amenities color TV, Computer & Internet facilities, Newspaper & Magazines. Both non-vegetarian & vegetarian food is available on the basis of requirement of the students. Good hygienic condition is strictly maintained both in the food and living conditions. Hostel superintendents supervise the functioning of the Hostels regularly.

Rules and Regulation for the Hostel :

  • No illegal drugs or firearms shall be stored and/or consumed in Premises and on campus in general. Liquor is also prohibited in the Hostel Premises.
  • Students are not allowed to cook meals in their rooms.
  • Visitors to Premises: Students are not allowed to entertain a member of the opposite sex in a hostel room, whether the visitor is from outside college or a member of the College.
  • No visitors of any description are allowed to spend a night in student hostels except college official visitors and students from constituent colleges for whom prior permission from the Warden has been granted.Read More